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Cloud Hosting Service Provider in India

Cloud hosting is where the websites are hosted with the help of virtual resources that are interconnected altogether. Here the cloud servers will allow you to maintain, manage and backup data remotely from anywhere with the use of the Internet. These servers are a kind of speciality servers where the functions will be same as renting a physical server in dedicated hosting but the operations are different. So, when you are opting for cloud servers you are actually renting physical servers where hardware issue or breakdown is impossible. If in any condition there is a hardware issue, then the server will immediately switch to another stable resource without causing any downtime since they are virtually interconnected.

Sixth Star Technologies as a indian based servers service provider gives you all these cloud features under a single sophisticated package with affordable price. Our services will be flexible, scalable, and reliable with stabled performance along 99.99% uptime guaranteed. You can customize and modify resource features and can pay for what you use. With our 24/7 support services, all the cloud servers will be well-maintained and guarded with best security measures under our tier-3 domain.

Let the Cloud Server Hosting Begin

Our Pricing

Plans for Everyone. Get Cloud Today!


3,500 per month

  • 10 GB Ram
  • 4 Core Processor
  • 100 GB SSD drive
  • 1 GBit/s-Port
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1


4,500 per month

  • 15 GB Ram
  • 6 core processor
  • 150 GB SSD drive
  • 1 GBit/s-Port
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 2


7,500 per month

  • 30 GB Ram
  • 9 Core Processor
  • 300 SSD Hard Drive
  • 1 GBPS
  • Unlimited
  • 1


10,500 per month

  • 40 GB Ram
  • 12 Core Processor
  • 400 SSD Hard Drive
  • 1 GBPS
  • Unlimited
  • 1

Features of Our cloud hosting

Easy Cloud Management

Our servers allow easy cloud management for surplus customers. With the use of our innate control panel, you can customize the provisioning services and resource features. Also, we make deployment easy and instant.

Lower Cost Storage

We will ensure to provide lower cost storage concerning your capital input in all aspects and bestow the most secure and expandable cloud storage for making backups and data archiving easier.


No data will be shared or destroyed since we maintain multi-layered cloud security to protect your data and other confidential documents without any malware attacks.

Failover & High Availability

Since the cloud uses virtual resources and has a self-healing architecture there won’t be any insufficiency and hardware failovers. If there is any failover, it will automatically change to another stable resource thus assuring high-availability.


Our Best cloud hosting allows auto-scaling to increase or decrease the cloud server resources at any time as per the business requirement. During the process, there won’t be any downtime occurrence.

Flexible Payment

You can pay only for the resources you have consumed. No other extra charges will be billed since we support utility billing. As your requirements grow, the cost will be beneficial.



SixthStar offers tailor-made cloud hosting plans with features to fulfill customer’s needs and requirements. We are prominent in offering cloud services regardless of your industry structure and provide the best cloud solutions. With the SixthStar cloud hosting services, you can more efficiently provision and find all solutions with the best server operation.

With us, your business flourishes with advanced cloud hosting services in India. At SixthStar, you can buy a cloud server at an affordable price without making compromises on scalability, speed, accessibility, reliability, security, and flexibility of data. In addition, our day-and-night monitoring, live technical support, backup, disaster support, server management capability, and the custom setup also increases the need for our cloud hosting across the company of industry vertical. Using cloud doesn’t let any data migration, downtime or reboots. It allows you to run the website smoothly with an easy and manageable dashboard.


INTEGRATED CACHING The loading speed will be fast due to the optimal caching configuration built into it.
EASY DASHBOARD The dashboard allows you to manage and track the site’s performance and information to review your website performance and metrics.
SIMPLE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT You can control and manage the monitor and allocate additional resources very easily.
AUTOMATED FAILOVER If any hardware issue arises due to malfunctioning or damages your site is automatically switched to another server.
DATA MIRRORING Cloud hosting will distribute your data’s mirrored copies automatically across various devices to ensure safety and redundancy.
CPANEL Create new email accounts; manage sub-domains, FTP’s, Files etc. easily with the click of a button.


Some of the security features that are inbuilt within the cloud server are given below,

1.        Private IP address
2.        Password protected directories
3.        SSL certificates
4.        DDOS protection
5.        Data mitigation. 


Cloud hosting has the process of distributing mirrored copies (three) of your files and information to multiple devices ensuring safety and redundancy. Apart from that, we have installed many security measures under our tier-3 data centres to ensure protection for all servers and websites. We have high-maintenance featured for 24/7.
Since you are using the resources virtually from multiple servers, you won’t have any physical hardware failures or damaged resources on cloud hosting service. If any of the cloud servers experience an issue like overloading our automatic tools will switch you to function using another server.
Cloud hosting is always better than shared hosting since it allows you to use various resources from multiple server platforms. While on the shared server you will be limited to a single server. Using cloud servers you can monitor and add resources easily at any time and can have a complete control/access to the server usage.
Yes. You will have a domain menu to maintain all your records on the cloud control panel.
Yes. It is necessary to have a technical background to handle both Linux and Windows server. Cloud servers allow you to customize and design as you wish. You can also contact our support team for further queries.
Using a cloud server you can run application or services same as you do in traditional, physical and dedicated server operations in both Linux and Windows environment.
No. software-as-a-service is actually a subset of the cloud computing market demonstrating that all the resources can be made available through the web.
Sixth Star provides best data security to safeguard all your data’s. At no time we will allow it to fall into wrong hands. We will encrypt all your information during transit and rest. You can take a look at our terms and condition and privacy policies for further information.
Yes, you can. You must click on the control panel and select rebuild option to do it. But make sure to backup all your files and data prior since the process can diminish the data present on the server. But it allows you to save your IP address.
Yes, you can scale your cloud server at any instance to any longer configuration. If you are about to do it, kindly do it from control panel.
Yes, You can. Contact our support members for requesting additional IP’s.
Yes, each cloud server comes with a private IPs. If you don’t have one, kindly contact our support team.
Yes we offer backups for cloud servers. Our team will restore your files weekly on request.
Cloud servers are flexible, scalable and can be deleted within minutes and are available for cheap. It is always a better option when compared to dedicated servers.
We offer latest Linux and Windows systems as cloud servers. For managed we provide CentOS and for unmanaged you can choose on your own. For enterprises, we offer multiple OS platforms.
Yes, you can. This is same as the dedicated server configuration having disk space so you can divide as per your customer usage.
For public cloud server, you will need to create an account and avail the service and you will be billed as you use later.
No, you can’t configure security groups from CPanel, but you can do that in Open Stack GUI.
No, for that you should restart the server.
There are many options like, you can reboot or can restore the files from backup or you can delete the server and start it fresh. But as of the safer side, you can always store a backup to start it new if you are about to install a new software.
Yes we offer discounts for cloud servers as per usage. You can check our cloud hosting package page to know deals and discounts.
Yes, You can. Some of the firewall runs on their own while some come as pre-configured. Other firewall can also be run on cloud server.
You can contact our support team through email, chat or phone calls or can raise a ticket at our website. Our team will be present at all instances to resolve your request and queries.
Cloud server uses VHD storage so when the server is deleted automatically the storage will also be deleted and it is not possible to recover it again.

Server Specification

RAM – Embodied with Intel inside and DDR4 capability which corresponds to high-performance speed and increased bandwidth capacity. The storage ranges between 8GB-32GB for each cloud server.
PROCESSOR - Integrated with 2 quad-core processors with hyper-threading technology which allows the user to run multiple threads on the single core improving overall performance up to 4GHZ on the threaded software.
To enhance the storage capacity the hard disk is provided with 500GB-4TB separated as a primary and secondary storage for each package. Your data will be stored in an orderly pattern reducing the need for external HDD.
NETWORKING SPEED – The networking speed will be trailblazing in accordance with the RAM feature which increases the speed up to 1Gbit since it operates on the s-port of the microprocessor.
BANDWIDTH – Unmetered bandwidth is provided to all the packages concerned to smooth server operations. IP’S – IP’s for each server is been provided to send and receive information within a given network. The web server and the website hold static IP for the unique operation and it ranges from 2-6 static IP in accordance with the package.